Devin Carlson is a Drupal developer, computer technician and home theatre specialist who loves to combine his passions for technology, programming and audio/video.

Devin got his start in the world of technology and commerce by building and selling custom computer systems in elementary school. He has built, delivered and deployed over a hundred computers in the Sudbury area and continues to use his original PC enclosure (now on its 5th generation of hardware) on a daily basis. With many audiophiles in the family, he was introduced to audio/video at a young age which made moving into the field of home theatre assembly and calibration a natural second step. In highschool, he took an interest in building websites to advertise his services and soon came across Drupal, which he now works with on a full-time basis.

Devin lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where he runs Nickel City Creative, a subsidiary of Carlson & Keranen Inc. with his wife Donna Keranen and his four chinchillas: Ryuzaki, Light, Near and Mello. If you can catch him away from the keyboard, you'll probably find him travelling, renovating his 1950s Cape Cod or at one of the city's independent restaurants.