Nivo Slider

Touted by its creators as "The world's most awesome jQuery slider", the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin is an open source jQuery slider which features 16 different transition effects, semantic markup, small file size, HTML captions and more.

Although Nivo Slider is relatively easy to setup, requiring only a small bit of HTML and JavaScript, its simple origins can cause problems for site builders and managers who are unfamiliar with markup language and scripting. Enter the Nivo Slider module.

The Nivo Slider module integrates the Nivo Slider jQuery Plugin with Drupal in order to provide administrators with three important tools:

  • A simple method of adding, removing and updating slider slides.
  • An administration interface to configure slider options and settings.
  • Simple slider positioning using the Drupal block system.

Nivo Slider is currently available for Drupal 7 and has been deployed on 3500+ websites around the world.